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Allotmans handling
05-07-2016, 09:08 AM
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Allotmans handling

Hope AirBnB will get fixed soon...
Beside that I have one doubt maybe You can help somehow..

We have allotmans in Expedia.
But we would still like to sell that room on other channels Smile

So , solution is that when that room is totally booked and availability on wubook is 0 we increase price by adding one more zero at the end ( if price was 45 we put it 450 and no one will reserve on Expedia , no overbookings and we have full room and not waiting for expedia to fill it )

That works very well.

But it is a bit annoying manually checking when availability is 0 and changing price for these periods, and then cancellations arrive and we need to again change price etc...

Do You at least have some email that is auto sent when availability of specific unit is 0?
And even better, can You create something as auto-price increase tool.
A tool that would automatically increase price for 300 Euros for example on specific rooms users choose IF availability of that room is 0 ?

Or do You propose any other solution?

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05-13-2016, 01:59 AM
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RE: Allotmans handling
Hello there!

Thanks for your suggestions. I must say that years ago, what the channel manager did automatically was to double up the rate. If it was 100€, when availability becomes = 0
then the price sent was = 200€ automatically.

This was tagged as bad beahviour from OTA and kindly requested to switch it off Sad

Obviously, there are tools inside WuBook to do that as well. I whink in Wym (WuBook Yield Manager) that allows hoteliers to increase prices when availability range changes (if avail=0 you increase rate X€ or X%).

Also, you have a plugin ZeroAvail that advice you by email when availability is =0 or close to I think we do have tools already to be warned Smile


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