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Online booking engine
We have some suggestions on the online booking engine:
1. If guest has chosen a category and moved on to step 2, and then decided to change the language, then it discards to step 1. It will be better if guest could change the language or currency at any step yet remaining on the same step.

2. Special offers. In the 1st step all currently active proposals are listed despite of chosen dates. And even if guest chooses dates in September, he sees a full list of special offers.
Can you make this feature optional? This will allow for guest to see all the offers for all the dates including the dates he has chosen.
in a few days the implementation of the new booking engine will go run.

1-The changes also include solve the "bug" of reset reservation at language change.

2-Good point. In the next release we will also improve the appearance of the packages.

Thanks for the messages and suggestions. They are always valuable for us.
Best regards, Andrea.

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