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WuTool, search engine works not good
Dear partners,

Take a look at this scrin:
[Img] http://joxi.ru/xAeY7lJfqNG8Ay [/img]

We found out that WuTool allows to choose incorrect period!
Also it would be great that when you are choosing some date of arrival - at line with date of departure will be the next date automaticaly.

maybe there was a problem with image attaching. Could you kindly someway link the image or to better describe the problem?
Dear partners,

Scrin in attacment.

WuTool doesn't block ability to choose incorrect period.
We can't find smth with incorrect periods, but we can choose them.
It looks like an error.. Some hotels are complained about it.

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ah I understand,

you would like to insert a check to control if users are selecting an unconsistent period.
Well, tagged. We will have a look asap.

Thanks for messaging!

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