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Expedia and Minimum Stay

from always Expedia often blocks updates when the specified
Minimum Stay is greater then 4.

We now have an option to better deal with this problem.

Why? It's happending that some properties do not correctly
check the correctness of updates. They're sure Expedia is
updated. Instead, Expedia rejected the update. The specified
Minimum Stay was 7, for example.

We always want to decrease risks and to develop helpful
tools against the OTAs complexifications. Now, you can
configure Expedia so that, if and when it will encounter
the Minimum Stay Error:

MinLOS value (7) exceeds Extranet auto-approval
threshold (4) for length of stay

It can automatically:

* Skip: Ignore the error and go on (date is not updated)
* Decrease: Decrease Min Stay to 4 or 3. If this is not enough, an error is issued
* Close date: Put Min Stay= 1, but try to close that rate
* Stop: Stop the update and emit an error (the update will be blocked)

The default behaviour is to Decrease the Update.
So, when Expedia will reject a MinStay= 7, WooDoo will try
to update the date with MinStay= 4 and, if not enough, with
MinStay= 3.

To close date is dangerous: if you have allotments, date
can remain opened. To skip is obviously pure danger.
Stopping the update, instead, is providing you a manamgent
task (you should enter Tabla and manually decrease the
Min Stay).

We hope our work will be helpful and here for each

Thank you from Italy.
Best regards.

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