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Suggestion about booking confirmation
Dear partners,

We have a suggestion about booking confirmation.
Add a link , that gives for guest ability not only cancel reservation, but also to change dates; add comments; guest name; extras; to change room categories.

Could it be realized?

Warm regards,

I do not understand why :)
This is kind of communication post-reservation so it has to be considered as "pre-checkin" communication. This type of communication does not need "others" and "new" communication support (meaning ways) but only contents.

So, to be clear, I do not think you need a new tool to communicate, but just arguments and topics. To do so, you already have:
- phone number
- email address

Why you think those tools (which are the most used now considering whatsapp) are not enough?

Thanks and regards
Hello, dears!
You're right it's some kind of post-reservation communication but the world's keeping on making life easier and faster. If a guest has such a link he doesn't need to contact the hotel additionally, he could just find the link and press one button.

I do not see the improvement here. And believe me, we are trying to follow the "world changes" to be faster and better but sincerely, to increase communication channels is not the way.

Too many communication channels to maintain will have as consequence a lack of communication. Sure of it.

Regards and thanks anyway :)

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