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Zak: status "No-Show" has been added into the details of the reservation
Dear all,

We have just published a new feature for ZAK the PMS - we feel is a nice addition.

Is in regards to the possibility of marking reservations as "Non Show" if need be.
And this new feature behaves as follows:

- The reservation (if it is assigned into your planning) will be colored differently so that you can easily recognize it. (diagonal lines)
- Guests assigned into this reservation will get deleted (they will remain on your data base) so that they do not affect your statistics.
- In one click (ignore Non Show) all data within the reservation is restored.
- Reservations marked as Non Show will appear on your dashboard within the "cancellations and no shows" menu where you will be able to definitely cancel them once you have apply the non show charges if any.

This new feature however DO NOT does the following:

- Does NOT notify the NON SHOW to the OTA nor to WuBook
- Does NOT totally remove clients from the system (only from the reservation)
- Does NOT cancel the reservation. The reservation remains in the planing, marked as non show, until you manually fully cancel it off the planing.

*NOTE: for reservations received from OTAs you must go into each OTA extranet to mark as Non Show. This new option in ZAK is only for ZAK.

We hope you like this new feature and we will upgrade it even further in due time.

Any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us!


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