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[SOLVED] Connectivity problems with Airbnb
Hello everyone.

Unfortunately we are experiencing problems on the connectivity with Airbnb starting from this morning and still not solved :(

Problems will show up when cookies of connections are expired and WooDoo needs to login again into the portal. That is were we are facing problems.

So, it won't help to refresh connections, change passwords or restart connection. Unfortunately, any of these actions will bring good results.

Please, keep monitoring this forum post in order to get updates and we will let you know once the connection is re-established.

Are there any news regarding the problems with Airbnb? We received a message for 3 hotels that the channel Airbnb was disabled. Do we have to do something or just waiting for your new? We are looking for updates. We have inform our clients very urgently. Thanks

Steps ahead have been done. Probably by the end of today it will be solved.

Please follow this post.

Good morning!

Any updates?

Pretty good news. We have rewritten the driver for Airbnb with a more stable condition. It seems all is ok now and we are reactivating connections one by one to be more sure about eventual issues.

So, if all is ok by the end of the day the situation should become normal.

Thanks and regards

We are happy to announce that problems have been solved and finally connection have been restablished.

Please, keep us updated in case of need.


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