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Channel Manager ++
Dear all,

After months of hard work we can now confirm an upgrade on our Channel Manager WooDoo. This upgrade will improve performance on the updates sent out to the OTAs connected.

This translates to:

- Much quicker updates
- Clearer interface to see both queued and historic of updates

You can now monitor them all from this section: https://wubook.net/acts/clogin/woodoo/updates/

It has been a big job this one by our developers and it has taken them months to have it ready. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful same as we do.

Best regards,

P.S.: we are keeping a close eye on all updates in this testing phase to detect any possible bugs. In case you detect any problems your side please do let us know.
Sales Representative @ WuBook
Web: en.wubook.net
Blog: en.wubook.net/blog/

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