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Changing the design of reservation
Dear Friends,

I guess It has been like three years I have started to work with Wubook. I have added 3 hotels to wubook in Istanbul area and train the employees how to work with your system. I am like your local representative in Istanbul :) . I am planning to add another hotel which has 28 rooms,

BUT lately, I have started to think opposite. You have thousands of people working with you an changing your structure with a massive updates is not good idea. Even I can get used to new updates ( like reservation page ) how we will explaing to our employees. You aim suppose to be a create system as simple as possible because as i said you have thousands of hotels worldwide and it means thousands of employees. But especially with a new reservation page updates it becomes far from user-friendly image. This is the most used page of your page I guess with tabla. What I liked really with wubook was smooth and simple design.

The latest update of reservation page is really awful guys honestly. Idea is good but implementation is horrible. Sorting reservation was one of my favorite but I don't know why it was removed ? I can't sort reservation depends on the arrival or departure anymore. IT was a really lifesaver for us.

Another minus for total room fees on reservation page, at the beginning of the page the total prices of the reservation was written before that was gone too. Also I don't know why it was removed. That was a very good way to comparing price and fix if our pms prices and reservation price together it was also very nice useful for us.

Number of rooms on reservation is also gone why I dont know ? before going detail you could see the number of reserved rooms by guest that was a good detail. It's also gone.

Arrivals section is a very good idea but it shows also the cancellation ? Canceled reservation is my arrival ? also not today or tomorrow it starts 3 days in advance. Tomorrow I have arrivals but arrivals section does not show I also don't know why.

Guys please fix this reservation page personally I was so happy with the old design and trying to add another hotels and suggesting your system as much as I do but this update totally disaster it is my personal opinion. Last one week 10 of my employees are mixed up with a new system and gave me negative feedback about this new page.

Guys we really did not liked this new design.

Hope someone reads it.
Hello there!

First of all thanks for your words. Your commentaries are clear and very much appreciated.

Let me please describe the situation. We had to make changes and migrations in our databases due to the increasing volumes of data they are managing recently. The changes and migrations were needed!

The risk of NOT doing anything was high and could have affected the correct stability of all the system.

So, the plan was to migrate all smoothly and seamlessly in 14 days... but, during the process we had to speed it up and decided to do it in 48 hours :=)

So, the fact that we have changed the interface of Reservation page is consequence of this situation. The chance to make big searches and specific requests to our DB through the old interface has been dismissed in order to avoid huge volumes of data requests.

We are working hard now, after the migration, to put again all those features you are missing. We want you to be comfortable as much as before..

Please, just be patient for 7/10 days more. And keep asking updates and requesting features. We would love to make it better and better.

Sorry for the inconvenience we produced. We hope you will understand us.

Thanks and regards

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