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WB Restyling D-Day
1 August: D-Day for the release of the new WB graphic interface

Dear all,

As announced already for some time now on this forum, we are now almost ready to publish a very very important upgrade due on the 1st of August this year.

It is a graphic upgrade that will make the control panel of WuBook more user firendly and quicker. The upgrades are similar to the once you have already seen on other tabs within WuBook, for example: YouBook or Rooms.

We have planned this move to the detail - we know you are all busy on this period and we don´t want to be cause of more stress. So, on the 1st August, a team of 10 WuBook developers will be assign to work on this sole project to guarantee speedy intervations in the event of a bug.

What is going to change?

On the control panel you´ll see a new section: Online Reception. And the current Settings tab will disappear. All options within this section have been already transfered and upgraded too into the new Tab. This also means that this upgrade focused on the booking engine only and; Channel Manager and PMS remain untouch... for now.

The differentiation between tools is logical and done on purpose to simplify browsing through the interface: WooDoo (channel manager) and WuBook (booking engine) will have separate sections each to make it easier for the user to find and go straight to the relative tab.

I attached hereafter some images that will give you the heads up on what is about to come.

For any comments, suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sales Representative @ WuBook
Web: en.wubook.net
Blog: en.wubook.net/blog/

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