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ORD: "AskMe" in your Booking Engine
Dear all,

As many of you have already seen, we have added a new feature into our WuBook Booking Engine.

It is called "AskMe", and has the simple but clear odjective of allowing a direct contact between the property and potential guest.

It has been developed in the hope of:

1.- Receiving more direct contacts from potential guests.
2.- Easy management of comunication

This tool doesnt replace the reservation process but it does add the opportunity for visitors to get
fast answers from the property to guarantee the direct reservation.

How does AskMe work?

A visit can simply click on the AskMe button to send an email message to the property. The property will be able to read and action this message from within their wubook extranet. This reply may include links to codes or any special offers created or available specifically for this visit.

Notifications of replied messages or new messages will be available on the WuBook APP - if you still dont have it it is time to download it on your mobile device.

We hope you like this new feature and that it helps you convert more direct reservations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.

Sales Representative @ WuBook
Web: en.wubook.net
Blog: en.wubook.net/blog/
It's a good feature, I already had 4 contacts from this tool, 3 of those ended up in bookings!
Small property manager with 9 vacation rentals in Vienna.
Posting in the forum to make WuBook and co. better suited to the self-catering apartment business.
(03-08-2018, 06:59 PM)CD031 Wrote: It's a good feature, I already had 4 contacts from this tool, 3 of those ended up in bookings!

That's very good! Thanks for your feedback!

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