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Airbnb Connectivity - actual status & further developments
Hi everyone!

We are ready for the Airbnb Beta testing.

In the coming days, those who have signed up for the Beta, will receive an email with the instructions to connect Woodoo with Airbnb.

From Wubook we will monitor the whole process and help you.

Best Regards

Any news about the possibility to have my (single beds in) domitories sold on Airbnb?

Many thanks!

(03-26-2018, 03:03 AM)white Wrote: Hello Julien

Not sure about that (we should analyze the API first) but it is possible. I will keep you posted.

Ciao and Obrigado
Hello Julien.

Yes, I think you can do that. Also hotels can add inventory data (same listing, more than availability = 1) So, to get this chance you should speak with your Airbnb Market manager to create this option in your account.

Warm regards

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