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WooDoo: issue on Booking.com reservation integrations
Hello Dears.

we experiences an issue on reservation integrations from Booking.com. The dutch OTA had issues during the last 3/4 hours and were not notifying us with all the reservation received.

It seems that now reservations are fetching into the system but probably there will be no credit card details or some other info. Obviously, we are sorry for this but the issue was produced by our partner Booking.com

So, in case of any support or need regarding these reservations, we suggest to get directly in contact with the Booking.com support.

(05-29-2018, 08:47 PM)MB277 Wrote: dear Wubook team

please note that we would like to map booking.com and expedia with zak and wubook system. please assist on that


Hello there.

Please, contact with support cause this space is dedicated to discussions, proposal and suggestions. We do not give support in here :)

Thanks for your comprehension.

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