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Airbnb New XML Connection
Dear Wubook,
our login name is KG024
Yesterday we tried to switch to the new XML connection with airbnb as official connection was announced, but something went wrong and nothing was connected, wubook just created about 200+ listings on our behalf (which airbnb refuses to delete and tells tal to you derictly), today i tried to add airbnb channel again but now there is a message, that you stoped new connection and official connection will be available soon.
So now we don't have old screen scraper connection, and i coudn't manage prices etc, and we're now in high risk of overbookings.
Since we have 2 accounts with you and 80+ listings on airbnb it's quiet a problem.
Could you somehow connect us to the old version of connection or what do you suggest us to do?
Thank you
Best wishes,
Hello there.

So, first of all, let me tell you that when you switch from SS to XML then you should continue in XML, which is a much better connection. Now, about the issue you had, sincerely I should ask you to contact your reseller. They will give you support.

Warm regards

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