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Information is scattered between different forums
You have several forums for different languages.

- This is good because you want to help people find the information related to their native language.

- But this is bad because in fact useful information/customers posts are scattered between all the forums, and it is almost impossible to have a clear vision of all information & posts.

I really appreciate that you take time and effort to post the important wubook posts in every language and forum, but other posts are also usefull.

I use a lot of different forums in some of my activities and a possible useful solution, and more easy to use is to :

- have the main categories/threads in one place and in 1 language (usually english for an international company)
- Have one sub-forum for a specific language is users needs it.
- It is now really easy to google translate posts (some forums even propose a button for doing that inline in the post)

Or at least, if you do no want to do that (wich is fine with me) having on bottom page obvious quick links for us to switch between the different forums (I couln't find those links, just tried different sub-domain by hand).


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