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Identify Zak version
Talking about "next version", I just can't find a place where the production version for Zak (but same for WuBook) is available.

It would be nice to have this, so we can refer a precise version when filling a bug or a proposal.

And having a changelog about "what's new" and "what's corrected" would be really helpfull (at least for me) when you have many issues submitted and you don't know if it is corrected in this version.

Would also help when we find an old post ...
Hello Didier.

I understand what you mean and it is possible. I mean, we will work on it, overall in getting this forum etter and better. More clear, intuitive and helpful.

Thanks again for your kind collaboration. We really appreciate it.


(merci beaucoup!)
Sorry - can someone tell me what is the definition of OTA??
(05-13-2019, 11:28 PM)SU041 Wrote: Sorry - can someone tell me what is the definition of OTA??

Hello there!!

Yes of course. Usually the acronym OTA is used for Online Travel Agency.
But sometimes it can be used for other meanings (specially if not in tourism topics)

Wa can see some obvious changes in zak (style mainly) and some "alpha" or "beta" link.

Is there any place where we can see a changelog about what we can use in each new version ? It would be really helpfull.

Especially if you would like us to try/test/report your alpha or beta features.

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