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City tax is totally broken

Your new city tax module put in production is completely wrong and broken (compute, report, no more children, all)

I send detailed reports to help@ but users, be cautious & double check your city taxes calculation
More information about this change for other customers :

1- Zak change recently the way you define taxes, and some error in the data migration process. You need to
- Need to re save and give infinite (for example) number of night
- Need to add a reduction (for example children) and specifically re-add the price for this reduction.

2- Before those changes the taxes calculation was done based on room capacity.
So for example 1 reservation for 6 single room for 1 night was calculating 6 taxes. No need to give specifically the name of 6 people (in switzerland there is no need for that). So it was working perfectly.

But now it seems that Zak request to add EVERY people to make a correct calculation. Wich is different than before, and in our case something we do not do (requesting everyone identity)

Hope this will help other users to survive those unexpected and unannounced big changes.

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