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Vikey - Wubook
Dear WuBookers,

we are pleased to officially announce the integration of ZAK to Vikey.

Vikey is a hardware and software solution that has digitized the check-in process for tourist accommodations.
Thanks to IoT technology, Vikey allows facility managers to remotely open the door of buildings and rooms via smartphone. Vikey makes the self check-in for holiday apartments, hotels, B&Bs: from bureaucracy to the self doors opening.

It allows you to sign contracts, request payments (even the tourist tax) and offer extra services and experiences to your guests. You will find all the information and how to subscribe on Vikey will connect to Zak, so all our customers who want to join the two systems simply need to install the plugin KAPI and insert your Zak API key into Vikey's configuration panel.

So, WuBook continues its commitment to research and integration of valid and reliable technological partners, like Vikey's friends, to make our PMS more and more complete and performing.

Other news will follow shortly so, as always, stay tuned ... and Happy New Year!

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