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VRBO/HomeAway-Woodoo: Here we are!
Dear customers,

we are ready! After a long wait we are finally pleased to announce the release of the xml connection between WooDoo and VRBO/HomeAway.

However, we must inform you immediately of some important information, which you should read carefully if you are interested in this connection.

Right now, if an account already present on its portal wants to connect to the Channel Manager, HomeAway requires two limitations:
  1. the account must have at least 5 saleable accomodations. Not 5 listings, but 5 saleable accommodations, as a listing can also refer to a variety of accommodations.
  2. the account holder must be a professional property manager, with company and VAT number as well as a credit card holder for the payment of commissions. Therefore, "simple owners" are not allowed.

We hope that in the future these constraints can at least be softened by HomeAway, but for the moment that's how it is.

In any case, whether you already registered an account on VRBO/HomeAway or you are planning to create one, we invite you to contact HomeAway's customer support to have them assess your situation and get clearance to connect with Channel Manager.

It is important that this assessment happens BEFORE starting any WooDoo-side connection configuration operation, for a very simple reason.

Here we come to the second point on which we would like to be very clear and transparent: the type of integration required by HomeAway to a Channel Manager makes the connection configuration process longer and more complex than for other channel connections. The reason is that the creation and management of listings (not only prices and availability, but also so-called static content) is 100% made through the WuBook control panel.

Even if you already have an account on HomeAway, with listings for sale, it will be necessary to re-create them from scratch through WuBook. These new listings will replace the existing ones. We understand that this can be perceived as a nuisance, but unfortunately there are no more convenient technical solutions. In any case, we want to reassure you that the process of switching from old to new listings will be absolutely seamless.

We hope that this information and recommendations will not make you lose interest in the connection. We trust that the effort will be rewarded by the benefits that an international portal like HomeAway can bring to your business.

We would like to point out that step-by-step guides are already available for the connection configuration process, and that our customer support is always at your disposal for any assistance request.

Finally, we remind you that in these first weeks of connection launch, the WooDoo - HomeAway Channel will be available on promotion, with a 2-month free trial.


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