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Booking.com: Issue on Reservation Retrieval
Dear WuBookers

During the last 7 days we have been experiencing intermittent interruptions on the reservation retrieval process for our partner Booking.com
As usual, we have alerted our connectivity partner in order to solve the ongoing issue and Booking.com is working to detect and solve the issue to restablish the normal behaviour and notify us all the generated reservations.

The incident is affecting less than 1% of the total reservations volume coming from Bcom but we are working hard to limit the inconveniences for you, as a customer.

On our side, to limit the impact of this incident, we have built a tool to re-integrate them. Anyway this tool is not faultless, due to a limit of the B.com Reservations API (it doesn't cover this kind of emergencies), so we have estimated a 90% of reliability.

Tip: please, keep an eye on your Booking.com reservations volume in order to detect possible (even if statistically not probable) misalignements

We are committed to notify you when the ongoing issue will be solved.


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