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Make proposed dates on Zak widget behave same as Woodoo widget

- On Woodoo widget, the default date is the first one available (see my screen shot). This gives a real good user experience.
- On Zak widget, the default date is defined on Zak option (no date, today, tomorrow). And then you have to scroll to desired date/month (see my screen shot)

This Zak behaviour gives a difficult user experience because the customer has to navigate far away. Our use case is a season campsite, opening on june every year.

Can you just do in Zak widget what you already do in Woodoo widget by addi g this option ?
I guess the Woodoo code already has the logic behind this, so should be straight forward ?


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Hi there,

I confirm that it's not possible to make this change in ZaK: ZaK's widget proposes the default arrival date you choose at "Widget et Bouton" section.
Generally, the guest set in the widget the dates he's interested in. If there is no room available on some dates, black bars will appear in the calendar.
So the guest can see clearly in the calendar which dates are free and which are not.

Anyway, yours is definitely a good advice,
I'll report it to the technical department and maybe it will be included in the next improvements.

Thank you very much and have a nice day!
i have the same request for the first available dates to show on widget and online reception(instead of showing the closed dates)
Hi Ivan,

you are not the only one who has made this request: we note it and we'll discuss it!

I would want the widget and online reception to display the first available dates rather than the closed dates. doodle jump

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