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Why is it not possible to transfer comment from Woodoo widget to Zak widget ?

I was told that it is not possible to transfer my comments received from Woodoo widget onto the Zak widget I want to use now.

That seems really weird because comments are just text and information.
So moving one data model to the other is straightforward.

This is really bad user experience as we are loosing lots of comment and restart from the beginning.

Is it not really possible to give your customers this continuity in the comments receives, even if they follow your technical changes ?

No comment or official position from the staff ??
Hi DG112,

we understand your needs and believe that it is also reasonable and useful for all other current users of the Woodoo Booking Engine who would like to switch to Zak.
However, for the moment we are committed to large-scale projects and we are unable to dedicate ourselves to this immediately.
So for now what you ask is not possible, but we mark it among the things to do!

Thank You for your suggestion

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