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Zak:New Release
Dear WuBookers,

we have a new ZAK Release. As announced some time ago, we're finally facing
the review of the reservations page. For the moment, we're releasing the new version of InsideOut.

A new compact version: a filterable single view which includes all the relevant information
for the management of incoming, outgoing and in-house guests.

A new interface has been developed on this page for managing the reservations: it allows to
quickly copy, delete, split, change and associate the rooms.
This new page will replace the planner one, resulting in a more powerful tool and to make the planner faster.

We also have finally introduced the possibility to add texts in the Cancellation Policies.
In particular, it will be possible to translate the custom ones and add extra "clauses" to the digital ones in each
language, of course.

The Color management of the planner has been moved directly inside the planner itself.
Doing this, we centralized all the configuration of the planner and it does not require to configure some preferences elsewhere.

Other things probably to be considered minor, but worth to communicate:

  1. Regarding the ZAK Online Reception, we have changed all the term "room", substituting it with "accommodation", in a way
      that could suits better to apartments and all the type of properties in general.

  2. Another important correction on ZAK Online Reception: in the rates view,
      all the more expensive products are automatically hidden

  3. It will be possible to insert the company name during the billing phase even for the normal customers,
      without the need to define a corporate in advance.

We are also working on the Reservation detail page and (behind the scenes), to many countless
improvements, including the structural ones, which should allow us to increase the speed of next

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