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Zak Release: Minisites
Dear Wubookers,

we get to the point with a project that has changed day by day in recent months.
We started from a concept of absolute minimalism and every week we found ourselves to raise the bar.
I'm talking about the minisites.
It is the possibility of allowing you to develop, with little and simple work, a website minimal, yes,
but complete.

For absolute transparency: we are happy with the results. We consider the templates to be graphically
excellent. Very well customizable and adaptable.

However, it is always an industrial product. We are not a web agency capable of developing products
ad hoc for each individual customer. But we are equally convinced of one thing: many structures could
benefit from it, being able to have a simple, effective website and above all with extremely low
on the domain administration or hosting front, fully integrated with PMS Zak.

Furthermore, the industrial product opens the door to some interesting possibilities. You know your own
sites after a few months or a few years, they begin to tire. The possibility to change templates or to modify
the colors and shapes can allow you to refresh your site in a few clicks. In two minutes.

Currently the Minisites can count on three templates: Boxes, Full TV and Romantik. Each template
has a set of "dialects", to customize colors and shapes. We decided (and this was a variation on the
run) not to provide the possibility of customizing color by color.

We tried and tried: we put the team to work, asking people without graphic skills to try to customize a site.
And, quite simply, things weren't working out. Who does not has graphic skills could not configure a palette
that would lead to satisfactory results.

And then we trashed everything. We have reprogrammed things in a more rigid and responsible way.
We will be the ones to propose color dialects, so that anyone has to configure its own site
already has our graphic research work available.

The minisites are suitable for the construction of sites that do not claim to have a plant of marketing on
which to develop advertising campaigns. These are simple menu sites.

Each page can be enriched with textual, graphic or textual and graphic contents together.
And each content can be a separate page.

The online Reception can be integrated in three ways:

  1. immersed in an iframe in a page of the site itself
  2. via widget
  3. via reservation button

The feedback system can also be integrated on the site, in "immersion" mode.
I also mention the following features:

  1. All the languages of Online Reception are available.
  2. Each page can be configured to develop a correct set of information for SEO (organic positioning).
  3. It is possible to insert Google and Facebook as technologies for web analytics.
  4. The management of cookies is automatic and depends on the active plugins (zero configurations).
  5. You can configure your social networks, so that they are used both as a link and as a form of contact.
  6. Obviously everything is responsive and mobile friendly.
  7. The footer is customizable and accepts as much content as you want.
  8. There is a dedicated section for Privacy management.
  9. Although specific pages can be configured in very particular details, the working tool is always the same.
      Content management simple and functional.
  10. Safety certificates included in the price.
  11. Like all our technologies, solutions for high reliability.

We will be working this and next week to produce demos. But in the meantime I also want to anticipate
another effort we have made. To allow you to try things without purchase commitment, we have set up a
dedicated test environment.

You can work to build and create your own creature. Without purchase commitment and with immediately
visible results. And, if and when satisfied, adopt it as your official website.

It will be possible to use your own domain or use a subdomain owned by us. Less
valuable, but certainly faster and without any administrative cost.

Thanks everyone for your attention.

Enjoy minisites!

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