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Kylix: the Restaurant module

as you may have noticed, we have released a new menu item: Kylix.
This is the Restaurant project, to equip your PMS with the F&B (Food and Beverage) tool.

Unlike recent developments, it was decided to apply a development style rapid and
potentially shared by the community. We are not restaurant software experts and we
are sure that your needs will allow us to
make the best choices.

This is the right place to discuss the whole project.
To do it best, let us describe the objectives that we are giving:

  1. Subdivision of Areas. We will support multiple catering areas, each of which will
be able to have independent menus.
  2. Taxation: centralization with PMS Zak. Zak will be a single point to manage
invoices and receipts for both services of hotels and restaurants
  3. Possibility to link meals to reservations, in particular taking into account the
treatments with which rooms are sold.
  4. "En passant" consumption management for customers who stay overnight
and consume meals or drinks out of their rate.
  5. Support for access to lunchroom for external customers.
  6. Mobile friendly: we will develop a layer to allow waiters to manage orders
using a simple and cheap mobile phone.
  7. Centralized access management via Zak Team Plugin.

Obviously, You have to expect the usual: fast development and popular costs.
All interventions are more than welcome; we only ask You for civil, thoughtful
and constructive interventions!

Thank you all for your attention !!!!

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