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Kylix: the Restaurant module
Dear Zakers,

the work on the development of Kylix is proceeding, and we are ready
to release a new update.
Among the various news, we have listened to some of your feedback
reported on the forum, in particular:

- We revised the creation of a menu.
Now it is possible to define, not only the categories of food to be
included, but also the single meals: in this way it will be possible
to activate/deactivate the single meals.

- We have added the time of creation of a service, which will be
visible inside the overview, both inside the table
and in the detail of the table, so it will also be shown in the
printout of the order.

- When creating a new service, ZaK will try to guess the type of meal
(breakfast, lunch, dinner) according to the day time.

- In the sidebar, inside the Guest section (hotel guests with a
Kylix-compatible board), we have added the number of guests within the

- When the meal is charged to the room, ZaK will keep mind of the booked
rate to calculate the price: obviously it's just a pre-set, to speed up
the operation, but you will be free to charge the amount you want,
regardless of the ZaK forecast.

As already mentioned, we are also working on other features, including:

- reservations
- variations of meals
- quick assignment of a hotel guest to a table
- partial and "roman" (total divided per each person) bills
- web app to allow the waiter to take orders from a smartphone/tablet
- generation of a printable menu that can be consulted via qr code.

As always, feedback and advice are welcome.

Thank you

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