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there are more improvements coming to Zak. Let's describe them in detail.
Some of them affect widely used tools and it's good to understand things.

These improvements are coming next Thursday night.
We need to do some important maintenance.

*Tabla and Sytar: Minimum and Maximum Advance*

From now on it will be possible to specify the minimum and maximum advance
in hours, days, weeks, months and years. Just add the letter representing the
correct unit, for example: 3o, 2g, 4s, 8m or 2a.

Warning!!! When no time unit is specified, the value is considered a number
of hours. This is different from the previous version of Tabla, where the
maximum advance was, by default, a number of days.

*Reservations Overview*

The new Reservation Overview page has been revised.
It is now possible to set each section to have a table or list view, whichever
you prefer. In fact, I must admit that a graphical solution like the one we had
cooked up was adapted less well in those cases where the properties have
more than a dozen rooms. 
Hopefully this will make the Overview page more valuable and effective.

There is also an intervention related to reservations with a room change. The
tool for managing the resolution has been integrated on the overview page
and redesigned with better graphics.

*Sytar: reset values*

Sometimes you ask us to reset some actions on your daily rates. To speed up
the work, we have developed a small "Reset Engine" on Sytar,  so that you
can do it in a few clicks.

In case you want to reset some restrictions back to their default value, this is
the tool for you.

*Planner and Booking Guarantee*

As suggested on the forum and after the great work of the previous releases
on the automation of reservation guarantees, here is another small step to
improve things.

On the forum you asked us to include a filter on the planner to highlight those
bookings that do not yet have a sufficient level of guarantee. Here it is.

In addition, we have added a new system colour (purple) to mark them.
I remind you that system colours are both customisable and deactivable!

*Minisites and Scripts*

An important new feature of the new Minisites: the ability to Scripts can be
inserted into your pages. This allows you to insert Chat or any
Javascript-based technology.

*YouBooks and Group Reservations*

You have been asking for this for a long time and here we are at last.
It is now possible, when entering a group booking, to assign the price to the
rooms with the selection of products and rates.

Once you have selected the rooms, simply click on the editing and select
"Prices from products and rates".

*Agoda graphical frame*

As you've probably noticed, we're in the process of overhauling of paint over
many sections of Zak. We've started to re-graphify channels, in this case
The advantage of this new approach is significant: we are making it so that,
when mapping a product of your OTAs, you can configure its features

In the case of Agoda, these features are occupancies and extra beds.
We hope to replicate this soon on other channels, such as Expedia.

We have also started work on Trivago, Tripadvisor and Google. Not only
graphically, but also on the engineering, to make things faster and better.

*Quotation system*

When you answer to an existing quote, you will see a small info to remind
you that you have already provided a reply.

As per the request on the forum, when you send a quote pro-actively
(i.e. not from a request), the quote is saved and historicized.

*Channel Manager: notifications*

Zak's channel manager will be able to save any warnings notifications and
show them to you. Basically, we started notifications for HRS, but we plan
to expand the system for all other channels.

Warnings of this type include information such as, for example, inconsistent
prices (which some channels reject), e.g. DUS more expensive than DBL.

*Reservation search for remarks*

From the forum: it is now possible to search reservations by specifying
texts to be searched on remarks.

*Booking.com: bookers and guests*

Zak's channel manager is now capable of detecting and distinguish with a
high level of accuracy the booker and the guests (booking.com does not
provide informations with a level of accuracy that allows to implement a
100% working mechanism).

Guests, in particular, will be automatically assigned to rooms!

*Nexi: pre-authorisation and future usage*

As per request, here is the possibility of managing the Nexi payment gateway
supporting the freezing of an amount or the or authorisations for future charges.

*Cancellations, notifications and room level emails*

Cancellation's notifications will honour the email addresses configured at
room level.

*Online Reception*

Sorry for the delay: the treatment chosen during room selection now appears
in the "Summary" on the right.

*Google Tag Manager*

I also add that we will have a first version of Google Tag Manager to configure
analytics on Zak's Online Reception.

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