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Zak widget generate cookies BEFORE interaction. Bad for GPRD
With the GPRD, we have to manage carefully all the cookies.

We already removed all cookies from our web site. And we have no cookie banner to manage and our users do not have to be hassle with that. This is really good.

But we have a problem with the Zak widget.

Just showing the widget seems to generate cookies without interaction with the widget (see screenshots).
No click on the widget, no intent to use it. Just showing the page.

Same thing for a local storage (see screenshot).

It seems there is no technical reason for your script to generate cookies before anyone clicks on the widget.

The consequence of this is that your users (us) have to take care and manage the cookies when our visitors do not click on the widget.
This is also detected by cookie analysis tools (see screenshot)

So I really do think that the cookies should be generated only when there is a click on the Zak widget.

We already have some web component who behave like that. So it is technically simple to do it, and should not be a problem for you.
Thanks for let us know what can be done as GPRD and cookie management is now a serious thing and we have to comply fully.

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Dear Didier,

thank you for reaching us and for bringing the issue to our attention! I'll try to answer you in points:

  1. We agree with you. We care a lot about privacy!!!
  2. Every local data (cookies and storages) are perfectly technical. 100% anonymous.
  3. The SessionStorage (wbinvent_neb) is used to optimize the "calendar closed dates".
      Without such "caching" layer, the process would be too expensive. We could in case evaluate to develop an option to skip this feature

Therefore I can confirm that the widget doesn't generate any cookies, it only uses the SessionStorage to store the calendar data.
The cookies shown in your screenshots are due to the wubook.net website. Let me explain:
if first we open wubook.net and then your site, the following cookies are generated:

- __stripe_mid
- weuc_wubook
- WSiteID

So no cookies will be generated when customers enter your site.

Please let us know if you have further questions about this issue!


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