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Optimize some technical simple points for zak widget.

We have done a lot of work to remove cookies, have a good SEO and optimize speed and load of our websites.

But we still have some sub-optimal setup with the Zak widget. It would be really good if the tech team could improve the underling tech of Zak widget.

Here is the liste of "problems". You can see tehm with any audit tool for performance.

1 - Defer/async javascript execution.

2 - Light the Font load and use WOFF2 instead of WOFF

3 - Specify "character set" for content-type in header for this resource

Thanks a lot. This will ensure we have a better speed/performance for web basics and then a better ranking on search engines/SEO.
Ciao DG112,

thank you so much for your detailed post. Really appreciated.
So, let's go per point.

About Defer/Async execution of Widget JS code. It is already Defer/Async. It's just a matter of formality.
By declaring it async, your automatic detection will state that everything will be ok. But nothing will change.

The execution of the code is triggered on a $(doc).ready() event. So it's blocking nothing.
And internal, asycn calls are already async.

About the automatic detection of "javasctipt cleaning" with the goal to save bandwidth, it's probably
a (at least partially) fake detection. The Zak widget is very flexible. Several if not many parts of code
are executed only if certain settings or properties have certain values.

About Woff and Woff2: we are on it. Maybe we can improve things here.

And also about utf-8 declaration, let us explicitely include the charset on the response.
But notice that afaik every browser, today, when charset is missing, tries with utf-8 as
first attempt. So we will make such intervetion, but probably nothing will change.

Thanks again for your contribution!
Thanks for the response.

Will try to make the calling script async and see what happens.
And look forward for woff2/charset.


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