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September 16 Zak Release!

we are all (or almost) back from holidays: ready for a new season of developments.
Let's start publishing the August developments right away. As I mentioned, we didn't stop.

The release date is scheduled for * Thursday September 16th *.

The release is very oriented towards the improvement of the Online Reception.
In particular, there are two major lines of development (the first two points) and other improvements:

  1. we have finally developed a solution to highlight special offers

  2. the graphic style of the entire booking process has been further improved

  3. the possibility of filtering the rooms by "tag" has been implemented (sea view, etc)

  4. there is the possibility to insert your own privacy policy (also valid for Online Checkin)

  5. and also the possibility of - optionally - disabling some credit cards (amex for example)

  6. the discount codes already had validity periods. These periods were relative to the date of
      reservation. From now on, filters on the dates will also be available in relation to the date
      of stay

  7. the filter by treatment is more understandable (you asked us often and here we are)

* Special Offers and Restyle *

On the configuration page of the Online Reception it is now possible to mark yours
rates as special offers. In this case, you specify the amount of the discount, as a percentage or
in fixed value.
These rates will appear on the booking process as special offers, ie with price
crossed out. And highlighted.
To improve the "showcase" of your offers, it will be possible to decorate all the rates (and therefore
also special offers) with images and texts in the language (names and descriptions).

Better than a thousand words, we attach some images to better describe the developments.
We hope it is appreciated.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=74]

* Inline Filtering via Rtag *

On Booking.com, when searching for a property, you can specify filters. On the price,
on the pool and so on. We did a similar thing, using room tags.

Also on the configuration page of the Online Reception, you can enable some of yours
tags so that they work as simple and immediate filters. A "Sea View" tag should be

Similarly to the rates, to make things better, we have provided the possibility of
decorate your tags with texts for each language.

* Privacy Policy *

Both the Online Reception and Online Checkin can be configured to provide information
on privacy. It is possible to do this by inserting a link (presumably a page on your site)
which will be presented to customers during the online booking process.

Note that we have decided to duplicate the configuration: you can put different links
on the Online Reception and Online Checkin, since the nature of the data in transit is slightly

* Exclude some credit cards *

The guarantee methods that are used to determine the security of a reservation
have been expanded. In particular, if you enable the "Credit card (data only)" option, it is
now you can specify which credit cards you accept.

The result is easy to understand: during online reservations, disabled credit cards are not

Finally: August was a rarefied month. Holidays and so on. We focused on the
improve many small details about the system. It is not worth listing them all, I think they
can be considered natural evolutions. But as an example:

  1. The corporates page now has a better pager to navigate between your companies
  2. On YouBook we have better highlighted the possibility of booking in "group mode"

As for the coming weeks / months:

  1. We are finalizing the new booking page
  2. We are developing a new planner, which includes a lot of information
  3. We are proceeding with the restaurant module
  4. We are also reformulating, bringing it to an excellent level, the Broom Paper (cleaning
  5. We have published the new form of PII (lodgings, istat etc): it is still secret and there
      we are working with beta testers
  6. After point 2, we will also improve the entire report area
  7. We are also about to publish the new version for the management of City Taxes

We will of course keep you updated here on the forum, as always.

Stay tuned!


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