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Kylix October release
Dear Zakers,

here we are ready with a new important release of Kylix.
As anticipated in the previous post, this update focuses on
restaurant reservations, but not only: as always we have
listened to your feedback to make Kylix more complete and
suitable for You.

* Reservations *

A new button has appeared that will allow you to create
reservations for guests outside the hotel.
Within a reservation You can optionally assign one or more
tables (or do it at a later time).
All reservations will be shown in the appropriate section in
the sidebar where it will be possible to modify, delete and
quickly mark the reservation as arrived, also allowing you to
make a quick change before starting the service, such as a
different area or table.
To make your life easier, reservations will obviously be
searchable and filterable.
If tables have been assigned to a reservation, in the overview
inside the table a clock icon will be shown, with a number
identifying the number of reservations that will be on that
table in the next few hours (if we are at lunchtime, dinner
reservations will not be shown, because they probably don't
interest you at that time), by clicking on the icon in the
sidebar, the reservations concerned will be automatically

* Take-Away *

A small but important change has been made to the takeaways,
as recommended by one of you in the previous forum post.
Now the takeaway detail has been added, from which it is also
possible print the order.

* Area price modifiers *

Some restaurants change prices depending on the area, so now
from the setting page of the restaurant areas it is possible to
insert a modifier, absolute or percentage, positive or negative,
that will affect the price of every single meal within a service.

* Service history *

Now You will be able to see the services of the past days,
searching them by date.

* Minors *

In the Kylix control panel the shortnames of meals, meal categories,
menu and area, they are no longer mandatory information, but optional.

That's all for this release, but we still have a lot to do.

* What's cooking in the pot? *

- Management of the courses of a table service
- Integration between hotel guests and Kylix (quick assignment of a
table to a hotel guest)
- Variations of meals
- Notes on a meal within a service
- Web app for the waiter

At the moment we are unable to extimate an arrival time: I believe
that by the end of the year we should be able to have a final version.
It already seems to me that we are at a good point and we plan to close
most of the crucial functionalities within the next release of Zak, so
that we can finally focus on the most delicate arguments, I mean all
tools concerning accounting, and then return on other missing secondary

As always, You'll find here on the forum every news on kylix
(and not only).

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