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Improvement for Zak planer and comments
1. The option in planer to make the first line or first part of guests comment/note to be visible after the guest name.
So we can write special requests like : "sea view please", "first floor please", "extra kettle", "Motor bike parking"  ..etc

Right now we don't have any option to have an overview who requested what, opening each reservation individualy is impossible and just coloring the reservation is not an option for all the individual request which we need to write.

2. The option to resize width and height separately in planer so we can increase width to see first line of comment after the name if this option is checked/enabled, or we can decrease to fit all on one page for printing etc.

3. On hovering over a reservation in planer we would like to get a popup on hover which will display some important info about the reservation  like: Price, From and to dates, number of nights, phone number, comment/requests etc.. 

4. Exporting comments when exporting the reservations to excel.
Right now when we export reservations to excel its not possible to export comments, so again we miss the overview of comments/requests.
We would like to be able to export the comments aswell when exporting reservations to excel, also would be nice to be able to select also other fields that we want to export , like phone number, or anything we want.

5. When exporting reservations to excel we would like to have each reservation in one line, so all fields for 1 reservation would go in 1 row , (room, extra, total...etc) not several rows for same reservation.
Ciao Ivan,

about 1st and 2nd point, let's wait the next release in the next few days (late October, early November): we'll introduce a new "Super Planner" with integrated notes and lot of other functionalities!

Regarding the 3rd point, you already have this possibility: just click on the booking bar in the planner to get a preview window of the details.
Having a popup simply by hovering over a reservation it would risk making any mouse movement on the planner impossible.

I noted down the 4th point and we'll discuss it with the development team.

About 5th point, isn't it already so? Which export file are you checking?

Thanks for your precious contributions!
Ok. Thank you.
About 3. I misspelled it, i meant a  "Drop down window" or a "Window on hover" ( i don't know how its correctly called, its not a popup window but just its an element that displays some info only while mouse-hovering over).  So on hovering over the reservation  the " hover window/element" would show additional information's about the reservation, when moving the mouse away from the reservation the window would be gone.

About 5. right now when exporting to excel each reservation gets exported over 2-3 rows/lines .
It would be easier to work with the exported data if each reservation had its own 1 row (only 1 row /per reservation)  : https://prnt.sc/1xevel7
Ciao Ivan!

About point 3, please let's wait until next Tuesday, November 2, to see the new "Planner" to check if it meets your needs: it will be an additional planner to the existing one, which will remain active.

About point 5, if I create a CSV export file from Reservation>Search section, it isn't the same as You show: see attached image. Where do You download that file from?

Perhaps, on this, you can reach our support: maybe they can help you or there is a bug to report.

Let me know


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