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Zak: other imporvements for Monday

here is another release. Once again, deeply founded on your requests:
those you mentioned to the Italy team and those described on the forum.

Here is the shopping list:

  1. The "flying meals",

    (those added manually on the reservation), are now counted
    on the zView meal report. Attention: they are counted as
    adults. We wondered whether to enter them as an additional field,
    but for the moment we adopted a quick choice. Also because of the
    next arrival of Kylix, the restaurant module. The release of
    Kylix will definitely lean on the dynamics of meals and here we
    will review everything better. Meanwhile, the count has certainly
    improved a lot.

  2. Credit cards: forget password

    Now it will be possible, after specifying the password, to do a
    "logout", so that subsequent consultations of the page do not
    make it visible.

  3. Credit Cards: print

    On the booking detail page, we have implemented a new one
    configuration. If enabled, it allows you to add CC data into the
    printing of the page. We did it because there are not a few who
    want it. At the risk of upsetting those who support us: perhaps
    not printing the CC it's the best. If in doubt, ask before
    activating that option.

  4. Online Checkin and Public Voucher

    A new option allows you to disable access to the voucher on the
    Online Checkin page. And the motivation is concrete. If you make
    changes in the back office, the voucher must be updated (however we
    are studying more powerful solutions in this regard). But sometimes
    it's desirable do not destabilize customers with information they
    do not expect.

  5. City Tax and Online Reception

    I reiterate that in the latest releases we have produced a new one
    city tax template. We are still perfecting it. In the meantime,
    I notice that the City Tax is perfectly integrated on the Online
    Reception when the Essentials package is active.

  6. City Tax and Channel Manager

    If the Essentials is active, we prefer to register the city tax
    that you have configured rather than honor the one given from OTAs.
    On this issue, there are a few things.
    As a novelty, in case the Essentials is not active, we will provide
    the data that the OTAs give us. And this is a new one functionality.
    We will decide (also based on your feedbacks) if it is not the
    case of implementing an option on the channel manager, such as:

      Even if I have the essentials, honor the city tax of the canals

    But happened that a booking.com reservation, get a few days ago,
    with a total amount of 270 EUR had 30 EUR of room price and 240 EUR
    of city tax (?!). So the data of the OTAs are probably less reliable
    than your City Tax configurations in Zak.

  7. Reservation History

    It should now be 100% correct. It also includes definitions
    of city tax and discounts.

  8. zView

    A check has been inserted: now we notify you if the price it's derived.
    So that you do not perform unnecessary actions and that indeed have
    more vision.

  9. Templating and Messaging

    Some communications were down after the last big release of November 02.
    We put them back. Sorry for the inconvenience.

10. Reservation page: policy name

    Whenever possible (I remind you that Zak also knows how to integrate
    well cancellation policies of the OTAs and in this case it is not)
    we will also report the name of the policy used.

11. Sorting products and rooms

    The configuration of the ordering of products and rooms has been
    centralized on the Settings page. It then disappears from the planner,
    tabla, sytar and zView. The gain is considerable: single point for the
    configuration and, in cascade, you should see them all the pages respect
    the ordering you want.
    If you notice pages where the sort is not honored, please let us know.
    It cannot be ruled out that we have not found all the points (are
    lot of)

12. Options and deadlines: visibility on Planner and zView

    Deadlines for reservations in option will be visible as a form
    warning, both on the planner and on the zView. We are also working

      a. put back the optional expiration date
      b. prepare a dedicated template/communication to manage
          communication of the deadline

    It is not to be excluded that it even arrives in release.

13. Rooms on dashboard

    The reservations in "preview" on the zak dashboard were
    improved. We found the space to communicate the room
    reference and, if applicable, the number of rooms involved.

14. Booking page: check box of rooms automatically checked

    The rooms are automatically checked. In such a way that, for
    reservations of only one room, both immediate order an action.
    And for bookings with multiple rooms, either easy select a group.

15. Booking page: quick actions on the rooms

    On each room it is possible to add meals, extras, etc.
    quickly, without having to access the right "tab".

    Example: if you now have to enter the Extras Tab to add
    an extra, now it will be possible to do it from the room.
    So things get really fast.

16. zView and System Colors

    Color settings have also been centralized.
    Furthermore, on the zView it is now possible to enable system
    colors. I remind you that on the zView system colors are decorative
    only. The reservation bar, in fact, already contains all the
    necessary info. So, here colors are simply a visual tool.

17. Reconfirm booking

    During the booking reconfirmation process, you can
    choose the new status (confirmed, option, offer, etc.)

18. City Tax: exemptions and reductions

    They will be calculated precisely. They will be automated where
    possible and easily editable by hand. Also reported
    in reports as it should.

19. Reservation page: link to WooDoo reservations

    We have restored links to Woodoo reservation page. They work
    when incoming bookings are recognized as not native in Zak.
    I remind you that for better management of flows it is good to
    activate Booking.com, Expedia and Airbnb channels directly on Zak.

20.  Payments to confirm bookings will be shown on Online Checkin and
    Online Reception. The city tax is rightly excluded.
    Thanks to whoever noticed imprecision.
21.  Fixed some bugs on transaltions layers

    Some sentence was always in English and never translated in all
    languages of Zak interface: now should be fixed. Sorry for the
    invenience: now Zak is closer to you.

22.  Deposit in french invoice

    Deposit invoice will be available also for French Invoicing model.

Finally: we will go on the air on Monday with these news.
Then we will focus on the City Tax and Kylix mainly.
But on the next developments we will notify you and update you
as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone for your attention

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