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Online Reception: Flexible dates, room sorting

as announced here and there on the forum, we are about to publish another series of news.
Many of which are requested by a long time.

Here is the shopping list, but also comments for each point:

  1. Online Reception: Flexible Dates

From now on, when clients will not find availability, the zAK Online Reception will suggest
alternative dates, whenever possible.

A couple of things must be said: the solution is designed for very close dates (departure
and arrival dates do not differ more than 3 days). This is a limit that we can try to
overcome. I use the verb "to try" because we fear that processing, if increased too much,
can cause slowdowns on customers' browsers.

Another observation: we have decided to group alternative dates according to the departure
date. This allows the customers to have a very, very quick glance on the situation.

Flexible dates are also offered when there is availability. You can consult them by clicking
on a link. And they appear and disappear on demand. At the moment we have not come up with
cases where flexible dates may not be like. So there is no option to disable them.

We can certainly work on these issues should updates become necessary.

  2. Online Reception: Sorting rooms

Well, here perhaps many comments are not needed. On the configuration page of the Online
Reception will appear a new configuration sheet: sorting rooms. It allows you to set the
order of the results. The only thing maybe it is worth noting is that rooms and super
products can be ordered together. This allows a lot of flexibility.

  3. Online Reception: Adult Only

On the General Settings of the Online Reception it will be possible to disable the selection
of Infants, Children or Teenagers.
Both on your widgets and on the Online Reception, you can specify only a number of adults.
We know that
someone wants additional sophistication, for example by specifying age limits. On this,
we can try to
work in the near future. At the moment, we hope that the Adult Only option is already a
good step forward.

  4. Online Reception: Facebook Pixel

In addition to Google Analytics and the like ones, there is Facebook Pixel.
Facebook Web Tracker. It can be enabled on the same page as the other Web Analytics tools

  5. Online Reception: Seed

Option probably intended for advanced users. It allows you to build links and widgets for
the Online Reception which contain a special parameter, called `seed`. When a reservation
enters from one of these sources, the Seed parameter is saved. This way, you will know which
link or which widget it was at the origin of the reservation. The information is shown on
the "Detailed Information" of a reservation.

  6. Online Checkin: Inhibited Prices

As cleverly suggested on the forum, Online Checkin will from now on inhibit the prices and
the voucher for reservations connected to Agencies that work as subcontractors, taking
payments directly from customers.
I remind you that, from one of the latest releases, it is possible to inhibit the voucher
link on the Online settings Zak's checkin. Here we also fixed a bug: the Corporate and
Agencies page did not report the value corrected to the setting: "Customer pays to".

  7. Zak Channel Manager: City Tax Setup

It was recently said that the management of the City Tax, on Zak's channel manager, works
like this: if the Essentials module is enabled and the City Tax configured, the channel
manager ignores any info on the City Tax provided by OTAs. In this case, the Channel
Manager uses Zak's settings, believed to be for clear reasons (Zak is a PMS) more precise
than those of OTAs. Now, on the configuration of the channel manager, it becomes possible
to completely exclude the management of the City Tax. So that the bookings entered through
OTAs we have a zero city tax.

  8. Booking Detail: Partial Totals on Bill Detail

Once again, as cleverly suggested on the forum, we have introduced subtotals on the "Bill"
of the reservation. So there will be the partial Rooms, Extras etc.

When? In two days, Wednesday 9 February.

Please let me reiterate that we expect Collaborative interventions.
Even critical, of course, but constructive.
That go beyond the dry "complaint". I repeat it at the risk of boredom because the attitude
that social media they made us develop (we talk about haters, but in the end it is social
networks that produce them) sometimes it gets in the wayalso on this platform, which instead
we conceive as a place of exchange with all of you.

We remain at your complete disposal

Thanks everyone for your attention!

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