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ZaK: 2022 Spring Release

here we are ready to bake other beautiful dishes, which we have cooked with the utmost care,
on our beloved Zak PMS.
They are scheduled for Tuesday 29 March. In particular, in the early morning.

A little introduction: it will be a release featuring new developments (Yield Manager and Hotelbeds)
and important improvements (as the Online Checkin, the Movements report and also the Broom
Paper report).
We tried to attack too to the Online Reception, but here we have given up. The idea is to focus on
the Booking Engine in the next release, investing more energy and with more ambitious plans.
On this, see also the concluding note.

We proceed with the usual index and detailed explanations.

* New Native Channel: Hotelbeds *

We've added another channel to Zak's Channel Manager, and as you might guess, it's Hotelbeds.
The goal is clear: Hotelbeds is one of Woodoo's largest channels and, for Zak users who use it,
it's finally possible to manage it natively, without having to manage two platforms. Or, anyway,
without one intermediate connectivity.

The next target is TripAdvisor. Once this is done, we have the idea to focus on vertical
improvements of the channel manager. We will work on these plans already during the week
and we will soon be able to give you additional details.

* Zak Yield Manager (Zym) *

Those who use Zak and come from the WooDoo universe know well that * Wym * was one of
the most appreciated features in the years. This is also demonstrated by the fact that many
have asked and requested it, even on this forum, on the Zak platform. Thus, we have decided
to implement a Yield Manager also in our PMS.
And the name recalls even a little about its history.

For those who don't know that WooDoo functionality: Zym offers the possibility to make your
prices dynamic. Depending on several factors.

We have worked to maximize the functionality and flexibility of the tool. So We gradually
improved it: more and more.

Finally, we found ourselves with a tool that can vary your prices depending on:

  1. Range of availability
      A bit like airlines have done over the years, selling off the first seats and raising the price
      of tickets during sales.

  2. Early Booking
      To increase/decrease the price of bookings received in advance. Depending on your own

  3. Last Minute
      Exactly like Early Booking, with the difference that the rules are applied to bookings close
      to today.

  4. Sales Speed
      Well yes! Zym also knows how to adjust prices according to your sales speed

Moreover, all the conditions listed are mixable. And, particularly, they can be defined by date
ranges and they can also be applicated to specific rates or specific products. Or their combinations.

Each rule can be activated/deactivated with a simple switch. And most of the tools that show
your prices (Tabla, Sytar, YouBook, Fast Reservation, zView etc) have been improved to show
the prices dynamically: you can choose if You want to see the prices you have entered or the
prices changed by Zym.

Which makes Zym a really powerful tool. Of course, he does not play the role of a Revenue
Manager: it does not know territorial dynamics and your hotel's reputation. It does not take
into account the weather forecast, hot dates and it does not take in account historical data
of past years.

But it makes it easy to increase your revenue. At least we sincerely hope so.

For example, even for small structures that have few rooms, increase the price of the last
(or the last two) of 5, 10 or 20 euros, it is not really a small thing, if multiplied by the involved
number of nights. When Zym is fully automatic.

We have decided to make Zym a paid service: its cost will be 12 EUR/Month.
With the aim of supporting the Zak project, which is growing day by day.

Anyway, as usual, Zym will have a free promotion period: until 01 June!

Thanks to your support and your trust, for which we are grateful.

* Online Checkin: only necessary data! *

You've always asked us this. For us it is not easy, because we also have customers on
the international front. And when customers fill out their personal forms, the mandatory
data differs from country to country. But you have also right in saying that Online Checkin
can not be too bureaucratic.

So, we decided to use energy and determination: and here we are.

Those who use the PII module will have an Online Checkin process perfectly tailored
to their needs. Online Checkin will have the same powers as Zak: he will be able to tell
your customers what to fill in. Also taking into account the presence of group/family
leaders and automatically adapting.

Not only that: you will even have an option to choose whether to allow customers to
fill in, in a manner spontaneous and not mandatory, those that are the optional fieldswings.
And you will even have also an option to go back to the old model, where all fields remain
mandatory. Functionality, the latter, which could also be useful if bugs should arise during
the release period. That's not impossible when issuing new developments, in fact.

We hope that this implementation will make the upcoming season much more ergonomic.
Both for you and your customers!

* Online Reception: discount integration *

From now on, reservations from the Online Reception, that are generated using discount
codes, will be perfectly integrated. Instead of a price change, the discount will run as a real
discount. In other words, as if you had added a discount directly on the reservation detail
page. Of course, it will also be reported information on the discount code used on the
Online Reception.

* Google and Trivago out of Beta phase *

The aforementioned channels come out of the beta phase after a good run-in.
The activations were numerous and we have consolidated with care. This also means that
the channels will leave the free period as well they will generate a cost.

* Redesigned reservation vouchers *

We have decided to refresh the booking vouchers. This will be an ongoing chapter in next
weeks. Now that we have an improved structure on the graphic front, it is our intention to
enhance things in terms of functionality. For example, enriching the vouchers with logos
and many others ideas. In this sense, don't forget to leave your comments on the POST.
We will continue to work on it and we will hold them in high regard. Like always.

Hoping to intervene with other news on vouchers already in the next release.

* Broom Paper *

  1. The Broom Paper report has been improved with arrival and departure dates for
      each room, number of nights and room setup infos. And name of the booker. Note that
      the presence of the room setup could make manual editing unnecessary.
      Whoever prepares the rooms will immediately see the preparation required for each

  2. The digital report of the Broom Paper (the one accessible via a smartphone) will also
      report the same informations
  3. On the Broom Paper configurations it will now be possible to choose the default bed
      setup of each room. And on the proposed daily tasks this default setup will be taken
      into consideration.
  * Other improvements *

  1. The movement report is improved: information about "Flying Meals", the added meals,
      will be included here manually (regardless of the reservation included boards).

  2. Expedia: it was the last channel that was missing. We have also extended to this
      channel the latest graphic reframe, used on all others.

  3. Online Reception: Hebrew language has been added.

  4 --> 100. As always, thousands of unspeakable improvements. With which we try
                  to keep the system performing and clean!

What to expect in the coming months? We have already started the development
of a new Mobile App by Zak. We want to invest a lot to equip it with much more
functionality than the current one. Great news here. At the moment, let us stay a
little bit reserved, but we promise you many things, many of which have been in
demand for a long time.

As I said at the beginning of the POST, we will invest a lot of energy on the next
release for Online Reception. Here we are going to work on:

  1. Packages
  2. 100% discount codes
  3. Personalized messages on lack of avail
  4. Make flexible dates optional, especially if there is availability
    (this is a topic also dealt with on this forum)
  5. Assign specific guarantee methods to some discount codes
  6. A complete redesign of the form for the selection of dates, occupancy, boards
  7. Settings for the city tax, in particular allowing you to tell it in
    analog/discursive way
  8. Improvement of the reservation flow in case of immediate payment

Rest assured that we will continue to work as always: with passion and energy.
And step by step, release by release, we sincerely hope that our work can always
be helpful and honest.

Sincere thanks to all our audience for their trust and support.
This new release sounds wonderful.
Thank you for your hard work and well done! 👏👏👏
Hi Omri,

thanks for your support and for your effort in translations!
We really appreciated your engagement.

Thanks!!! Some of the text in the new vouchers does seem to be over the top of words, looks messier than before.
(03-31-2022, 01:03 AM)m.braddock#WuBook Wrote: Thanks!!! Some of the text in the new vouchers does seem to be over the top of words, looks messier than before.


if in new vouchers there is something graphically not in place, please contact our support and indicate precisely what is wrong: if they are inaccuracies we correct them immediately!

Thank you

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