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Dear WuBookers,

after the specific articles for:

1. Zym: https://en.wubook.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=616
2. Checkin Checkout: https://en.wubook.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=617

here is an article describing all the other features of Zak's next release.
Please note that they will be released on Wednesday morning.

Below you find a list of what’s new:

1. Tripadvisor
After Trivago and Google, also the connection to Tripadvisor is in Zak.
Increase your visibility by showing your property on Tripadvisor and combine it with our Online Reception for a winning combo!

2. Mr Preno
We also developed connectivity to Mr Preno. Several customers asked for it and we are glad to finally be able to offer it. It is a paid Addon.
And it can’t be activated immediately: we will work with some properties to consolidate the developments. In the meantime, be aware that ZaK will be able to integrate reservations coming from the CRM. And also to communicate prices and availability to Mr Preno, in order to make quotes.

The price will be 15€ per month.

3. Rates usage
On the Rates page you will be able to open a small summary of how you are using Rates. ZaK will indicate where they have been used. On which channels, for example. Or if they are active on the Online Reception.
Now it's also possible to generate the Rates Historical Data report for a custom period (max 1000 days).

4. The Bill
Enhanced again: this time, we have introduced the payment list.
Remember that the bill is also part of the new Checkin and Checkout procedure.

5. Registration Card
It will be possibile to generate the document in another language

6. Fast Book (Planner and zView)
After many requests, we introduced the possibility of specifying the country of customers. This allows, in case you want to immediately send communications (vouchers or templates), to send emails in the customer’s language.

7. Mini Sites
It will be possible to enable, in the Mini Site, a link to your Linkedin profile.
In addition, you can specify an image for a good Google preview: when your property appears in Google results, you can decorate the box with an image.

8. YouBook
There’s a new option to round prices while entering a new reservations.

9. Reservation detail
Each customer within the reservation will have a shortcut to checkin/checkout. This functionality is also in the new Checkin/Checkout process (see the link at the beginning of the article).

10. Invoices and attachments
The invoice list will allow you to download any attachments (for electronic invoicing only).

11. Sender name for emails
You can specify a name that will appear as the sender when Zak sends email notifications to your customers. This will work for all types of notifications: both those forwarded using the Email Branding module, as well as those forwarded by noreply@.

12. PII and automatic sending
An option allows you to send data automatically only if you have first marked customers as arrived. The aim is to have more control, especially to avoid problems with No-Show customers.

13. Reservations search
The quick search will also work with the reservation IDs of your OTAs (expedia, booking airbnb etc)

14. Movements Report
For each day, the number of meals is summarized. Obviously divided into breakfasts, lunches and dinners. And adults/teenagers/children/infants.

15. Kylix
It is already possible to charge an order to a reservation. From now on, it will be possible to assign it to a specific room or guest. In addition, you can also write notes. Useful to remember all the details.

16. Italian cities (only for who uses Alloggiati and Istat)
The birth city is no longer subject to any constraints, because sometimes the birth city no longer exists.

17. City Tax
We improved the information on the city tax, in case it might be changed and requires a check.
A warning will appear on the reservation page, suggesting you to check the tax.

18. Invoicing per room
Now from the reservation page you can land on the document issuing page only with that room's services enabled.

Thanks for your support :-)
_WuBook Staff_

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