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Zak Mini release: Wednesday, March 1st

we are about to release important updates. At two speeds.

We will introduce shortly, on Wednesday, March 1st, significant improvements
regarding Reports.
Why? In the latest release we tried removing the old sections.
Not everything went well.

Quite a few of you were still using - for good reasons - the old reports.
So we rolled up our sleeves. We've improved the new reports (so that
the old ones are finally removed).

In particular:

1. Reports will be accessible from the Zak menu. Always just a click away.
You will not need to access zView to print them. Or in the Report section.
Indeed, given the new and fast usability, the Report section will disappear.

2. The meal report has been structurally improved. As well as providing
insight on global data, sometimes useful for organizing the kitchen, will
be possible to click on each day and print an effective document for the
room management. There will be a list of breakfasts, lunches and
dinners. Well divided by reservation, indicating the treatment (room only,
B&B, half board...) and, when data are available, the names of the guests.

3. For now, just to avoid the errors of the last release, we will leave
untouched the old report page.

For point two, sorry for the delay. We haven't twirled our thumbs, we're just
coping with so many urgencies, continuously. And in this regard, we inform
you that we are working to further improve the meals report:

A. We will introduce notes dedicated to meals. The goal is to have
in the meal report, only useful notes.

B. We have the idea to introduce notes of this type on every customer as well.
So that, once archived, they automatically appear when you will return to
host your dear customer.

At the moment, just with these ideas, we have decided not to introduce
notes on the meal report. But they will come soon. Promised.

These first improvements will land on the platform on Wednesday, March 1st.

Also on this date, HotelBeds and TripAdvisor channels will exit the beta phase
(lasting many months). Their use will then be counted and invoiced.


That said, we also want to update you on the next full-bodied release.
As you know, we are working on a new version of our Online Reception.
Not only are we well advanced: we have decided to increase our goals.


Producing a new system for managing estimates. Which, at the same time,
is the foundation of a development of a CRM natively integrated on Zak.

The release will take place soon, in March. Here is a small list of what
you can expect you.

1. Customizable colors of the Online Reception

2. Vacation Packages (see description below)

3. Much improved design and user experience

4. We have solved age-old problems regarding the choice of rooms and

5. Contact request natively integrated with the Crm/Estimator

6. The contact form of the Minisites will also be natively integrated
to the Crm/Estimator

7. Stripe: whoever uses this payment gateway will be able to set up the
Online Reception so that reservations are not created before payment
(or after authorization on the credit card)

8. Possibility to specify the square meters of your rooms

9. Detailed account information, such as daily prices and tax

10. The tourist tax (but also other taxes) can be introduced on the
booking process as free texts. Very useful for those contexts where
digital is not possible

11. It is possible to book different rooms with different dates

12. All mobile friendly

As for the packages, there are elements that we consider remarkable:

A. Can be defined for multiple dates
B. Can be defined with multiple stays
C. May include room types, physical rooms, and extras
D. They can be promoted as offers, with the price crossed out
E. They are natively connected to the Online Reception with a carousel
which appears according to your preferences
F. Of course, they are sortable
G. You can put filters on the booking date, making them available only
in certain periods

These news will arrive in March. The new Online Reception will not
immediately replace the old one. Here's how we planned to manage its

1. From the very first moment, both Online Receptions will be
available. The old links will stay the same and work like always

2. We will work to involve a few dozen of Beta Testers: for the Beta
Testers, we will automatically replace the old Online Reception with
the new one

3. When we are satisfied with the work, we will post an option
to allow anyone to switch to the new version

4. When the time is right (probably late 2023), we will remove the
old version.

We will write more about the next release. We will continue to share
details and information. As always.

Therefore, stay tuned. And in the meantime, consider us at your
disposal for any question, doubt or reflection.

Thanks everyone for your attention

We have further refined the release.
With reference to the reports:

1. In the Movements report, we have entered summary numbers
of arrivals/departures/stays

2. In the Movements report, we have introduced the information on
the source of the booking (Youbook, OTA, online reception, etc.)

3. In the Movements report, we have also introduced the "room type"

4. "Task Done" information has been introduced on the Broom Paper

5. Information relating to customers' departure times has also been
introduced on the Broom Paper

6. The Extras report has been equipped with a "Print" button

7. The printing of the Rooms Report (rooming) has been corrected
(digits were overlapping and were illegible)

It needed a deep remake. There is still room for improvement: but, one
step at a time, one area after another, we'll try to get everywhere.

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