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New Zak's Online Reception DEMO

we are still consolidating the publication of the new version of the Online Reception.
In particular, we fix some inaccuracies and refine details.

Meanwhile, let us post some demo links, just to show you a preview the job.
Here it is:

    1. Opening Online Reception, generic link:


    2. CRM system. Here we have made a quote that has two offers. To accommodate two friends.
        The first offer proposes two single use. The second a unique double room:


  3. Packages. Here the list of packages:


  4. Here access to a specific package:


  5. This is a fast link with the best solution for two couples, one of them with a child:


For a quick comparison: the old version of the Online Reception is here:

Anyone can operate in this way, sharing links to packages or estimates (or automate
the sending of links via Zak's templating system).

We hope you also enjoy the new version of the Zak menu, which allows you to switch to
any subsection with just one click!!!

After the short story, let's get back to work!

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