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Spring Release 1.1
Dear Wubookers,

here we are again, after almost a month of spring that is struggling to leave,
with a little one adjustment release on the novelties of the previous one, with
different developments, but even some substantial plus.

New booking engine

The new Booking Engine has started in beta testing only for some testers
who, hungry for novelty and heedless of small risks, they have generously
engaged in giving us valuable feedback: thank you very much to all beta
With this micro release, we exit the testing phase and the button to switch
to the new Online Reception, it will become available to everyone.
So anyone can try it, knowing that in case of problems the action will be,
for some time yet, reversible.
New customers who open an account will already have only the new
Booking Engine active.


- We have inserted a "Share link" button to share the link of the page booking:
this link can be used by hoteliers to send a "quote" to the customer via email
or WhatsApp, but also by the guest who, in the process of booking, want to
share search results with a travel companion.
The link will contain all the filters set up to that point (dates, pax, rooms,

- The total amount shown in the cart will also include any taxes and
mandatory costs (instead of just the room price).

- Metasearch (Google, Trivago, TripAdvisor) will always open the new Booking
Engine by Zak, for two reasons: uniformity (technical, performance and style)
and gradually familiarize the widest possible audience with the new BE.

- For those using a payment gateway other than STRIPE, we've made it evident
to the guest that he will not provide the guarantee at the time of reservation,
but immediately after on the online check-in page.

- There will be, in general, significant graphical and performance improvements.

- Even the iframe will be made easier to integrate on the proprietary site.


With the spring release, in tow of the new version of the BE we have also
introduced on Zak the new section dedicated to estimates, thinking about it
also as a platform for developing further CRM-type functions. It's already
time for the first improvements.

- The estimates page currently always has links to the BE and to the packages
page: you can set to remove these links to make CRM service independent
from the BE package.

- Estimates can also be confirmed on the back office side, i.e from the Zak
interface from the detail of the quote (and not just from the guest via online

- The request for zCrm estimates can also be integrated on the website of your
property (even if you don't use Zak minisites): a simple intervention by your
webmaster will be requested.

- You will be able to receive an email notification when a potential guest sends
you a message: both from the "Quote" link and from the "Ask us" button inside
the booking engine.
This notification, if it comes from the "Quote" link, will already contain the link
to open zCrm.

- The possibility of using templates for sending estimates via WhatsApp will be

- At this point a very promotional activation cost will be introduced for the new
zCrm module: in offer for 3 euros per month, throughout 2023!
In 2024 we will give this module a more sustainable commercial value.
Furthermore, zCrm was born as the core of a more complete CRM tool and,
when additional functions will be developed, a commercial profile will be
proposed more adequate and, perhaps, diversified. For now, then, take
advantage of this opportunity!

Mobile Apps

We will release a bug fix for Android on guest document scanning.
We have also introduced, always only for Android, the possibility for the
customer to place his signature from a mobile device on the registration
You will need to update the app from Play Store: the update will be
available with Google timing.


- Movement Reports and Meal Reports will respect the room order set
on the planner.

- Kylix Restaurant Module: VAT can also be set for the service cost charge.
It is recommended to set it because in some country, as in Italy, there cannot
be VAT=0.
If it is not set, with the Zak release it will automatically read the value set on
the Settings > Taxes page

- A reservation can also be searched for by "Telephone": both from the field
of quick search always present in Zak at the top right, both from menu
Reservations > Search

- Online Check-in: the Document part has been enriched with types of
specific documents for each country.

- Reservation detail: next to each customer, you will find an icon on which
you will be able to click to include/exclude that customer from the PII
report e to view if any mandatory data is missing.

- Two new room setups will be available for products:
"double bed + sofa bed (quadruple)"
"two single beds + sofa bed (quadruple)"

- Finance > Payments page: the button to access the old Payments page
will be removed.

- Tax documents: the name of each tax position will be editable.

Hoping, as always, that we have done something usefull, we wish you 
to use Zak with ever greater pleasure and (why not) profit!

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