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Midsummer micro release: ZYM upgrade
Dear WuBookers,

we are planning a micro release, hoping that it will be significant for many of you.

The topic is the Zak Yield Manager (ZYM).

Since the Zym release, many people have asked us for some improvements
that we are happy to announce now. The limitations of Zym, in particular,
made it hard for those properties with a high price complexity.
Sorry for the delay!

What limitations are we talking about? What have we improved?

1. Multiple targets

Before this release, it was possible to define the rules for one target only or
for all targets. Example: a rule could be applied to one rate or, alternatively,
to all defined rates.

This limit has been overcome: it is now possible to define an arbitrary set
of rates as a target.

The same thing applies to products.

2. Rules editing

It is now possible to review and edit your rules, with no need to delete and
create them again, in case you want to make even a few small changes.

3. Copy rules

To simplify the initial setup, we have introduced the "Copy + Edit" feature.
So, if you need to define similar rules, you can create them starting from
an existing one, rather than creating them from scratch.

4. Interface

As often happens when we focus on a topic, we have improved the graphical
layout too.

Zym is a package that has been quite successful commercially. It has been
released for a year and, despite it is suitable for a limited target of properties,
 it has already collected more than 100 activations.

So we thank you for your trust and for all the feedback you have provided us
about Zym.

Thank you everyone

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