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Fonts in new online reception
Hey there,

We have noticed that the new Online Reception uses Lato font which does not support Cyrillic-based languages. That is expected considering that you're using Google fonts. 

Whenever you's switch to Ukrainian or any other Cyrillic-based language, you'd get a fallback font for texts (Times New Roman). However, all numbers would remain in Lato.

As a result, you get 2 fonts on one page which is a thing from the past and looks unprofessional. 

Any chance some can fix this? My suggestions are:

1) Finding an alternative Lato-like font for Cyrillic-based languages and making it a default


2) Making sure that the fallback font gets applied to everything when Cyrillic-based language is selected by a user and NOT just texts.

I've also attached a screengrab to confirm our findings. Thanks!


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Hi Oleksiy,

sorry for the inconvenience: we'll work on it and fix ASAP.

Thanks for reporting!


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