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Switch to the new Booking Engine mandatory by 01/03/2024
Dear WuBookers,

as you already know, since March we have released a new Booking Engine version, which 
has been completely redesigned with the goal of increasing usability and conversion.

Until now, the use of the new version has been optional. 
However, from 01/03/2024 the switch will be mandatory.

Therefore, we invite you to make the switch by yourself as soon as possible. It is very easy:

1. Access Zak at menu Sales > Online Reception and enable the specific button, as in the 


Current configurations will automatically be transferred to the new Booking Engine. 
You will also find a new section dedicated to Packages, if you are interested in using them 
(click here for related documentation).

2. Once switched to the new version, remember to check on your website whether the 
booking widget is displayed correctly. It should update automatically, except if you use 
the iframe or simple link.
In case you do not see it, you will need to re-install it from the specific Zak section:
Sales > Online Reception > Widget and Sharing

3. The new version does not support the current Estimates section. You will need to use
the new "zCRM" package to send quotes to your customers and receive their requests 
(click here for related documentation).

Please note that after 01/03/2024 the old version will be permanently removed and will 
no longer be accessible. The new one will be enabled for everyone.

For any doubts or to receive support in the switch, contact our Support.

Thank you for your attention,

the WuBook Staff

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