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ZAK - Release at April 16
Dear Zakers,

Exciting times ahead as we're gearing up to unveil a plethora of updates, many of which you've eagerly awaited   Biggrin
Below, we're thrilled to give you a preview of these updates before the official launch date on April 16.

Messaging on AirBnb (and extending to other Portals soon)

We're introducing a new feature that will allow you to view messages from Guests and respond to them directly. Additionally, you'll be able to access a comprehensive chat history with guests, ensuring all necessary information is readily available.

Revamped Templating System

We're rolling out significant updates, including:
  • The capability to add images or files as attachments;
  • Integration with GPT chat for the creation of bespoke templates;
  • A visual and functional makeover;
  • Manual message sending options via SMS and WhatsApp;
  • New triggers for automated message dispatch.

We plan to run both the new and old versions concurrently for a while, giving you ample time to adjust and familiarize yourself with the updated Layout.

Bulk Export of Tax Documents

Responding to a popular demand, we're reintroducing the ability to export documents in PDF format. This applies to documents generated from specific searches, individual documents, or the entire search page.

Booking Engine, MiniSite & Zcrm Contact Form Enhancements

Many of you have asked, and we're delivering: the contact form will now include fields for the number of guests and rooms requested. Additionally, request contents will be more accessible and neatly summarized in an "offer summary".

Online Reception QR Code

We're creating a QR code that links directly to your online reception, streamlining the booking process and making it easier to share information with a simple scan from your smartphone.

Channel Manager Update

We've established a new partnership with Hostelworld, a leading global online platform with a focus on the hostel industry.
The excitement doesn't stop here! We're also in the final stages of testing the new Mobile App version, which we will exclusively detail in a post once testing is complete and we're ready for launch.

Balance section (paid/unpaid).

It will be improved both graphically and in terms of functionality

Stay tuned for more updates!
WuBook Team

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