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Seamless Integration of the Booking Engine
(01-03-2014, 08:07 PM)yellow Wrote: Hello,

sorry for my delay!! It's not 100% possible. The XML api would be very very difficult. But we have a plugin which can help: Alien Plugin. In few words, the Alien Plugin allows users to programmatically enter reservations inside the WuBook System, by also specifying the price of the reservation.

We then have the Fount System, which allows to read your room prices. By combining them, you can build your own engine. It will be more limited than the Official Online Reception, which implements:

* Discount codes
* Special offers
* Bids
* Room treatments
* Inline filtering per occupancy
* Feedbacks

and so on. In fact, it would be very, very, very difficult to expose all of these features via xml. Just to know: don't you want to use the Online Reception for a particular reason?

That's disappointing. I don't see why it is a problem to build a calendar in a website that fetches room availability and puts it in that website. You are already using this technology. Perhaps not through XML but by other means. What does Wired do?

The Online Reception has a lot of redundant information and lacks branding. If it could be customised then it would be more valuable. The booking section is nice, very neat, but the top section with the text boxes is unnecessary and wastes space. Having decided to book, clients now want to see the options without the clutter. The actual booking engine part is very good - quick and easy.

It would be good to be able to customise the look of this page and, for those that want it, allow remove of the text boxes at the top. This area could then be used to carry information about the hotel, booking procedure, contact details etc etc.

These are just my opinions. Not everyone will agree of course :)

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