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Get empty when I use function fetch_bookings()
Hi guys,

I got a problem when I use function fetch_booking() in php it return empty as below example:

Script request:
fetch_booking(token, lcode, '29/05/2014', '05/06/2014');

Data return:
array (size=2)
0 => int 0
1 =>
array (size=0)

Note: in my Tabla on 21-22-23/05/2015 this Availability is 0 and why I still got empty?

there is a misunderstanding: you have no reservation on WuBook. Having availability= zero does not mean you have reservations. Availability can be configured via Tabla, manually. So there is no link between availability and reservations (but the fact that when you receive a reservation, the availability is automatically decreased)
Thank you for your answer, so can you tell me which function we use to make a reservation? I saw in your document you recommend this function push_activation(token, lcode, url) but I don't understand about url and how to post my reservation to notify on Wubook. Can you explain me about this or give me an example?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Lin,

let me explain. The function push_activation() is used to configure a property so that, once a reservation is received, WuBook will trigger a POST at the specified URL. So, for example, if you do:

push_activation(your_token, 123, 'http://wubook.net')

each time a reservation will be received for the property identified by the 123 lcode, WuBook will push a notification to the url http://wubook.net.

Is this helping? Do not hesitate to ask!! Also, if you want a faster support, it's better to used the devel@ email address (forum is not updated daily)

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