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Some feedbacks
First let me introduce myself, I am the manager of Meddusa and Kadirga Antik hotel's reservation/sales manager at Istanbul old city,

I am new on wubook I saw on booking's and expedia's recommended IT provider and I go ahead to use it.

But I believe there are some points needs to be upgraded for a better user-friendly use.

I have some feedbacks hope it can be done after that it will be a perfect fit for channel manager users.

1- I can not sort all reservations according to their arrivals. System only shows according to reservation dates. I want an option to sort reservation according to their check-in date so I can compare my next week or months arrivals with our reservation system to prevent some mistakes but now I can't .

2- In any extranet of OTA'S ( booking, expedia etc. ) if you write your extranet password you can have the credit card details and print option but on WooDoo you have no option to print it. Go check booking extranet you can print guest's detail with credit card information after you write your username and password also same for expedia but on Woodoo you cant. I think woodoo is caring about privact more than most famous ota's like booking and expedia which makes our job more difficult. I hope it will be upgraded too. Right now I use a word file to copy credit card information to guest's information to print out it makes our job more difficult.

3- Woodoo woucher for the hotels is not very clear and user-friendly. Booking reservation page can be refenced and inspired.

First it is very easy to have some confusion on check in and booking date. It is almost same place so sometimes even us getting confused with it. The important point is date of check in for us. We really do not need reservation date for the first step. So on woodoo voucher it can be somewhere else to prevent some mistakes.

Second guest name is so small if you have some problem with your eyes it is very hard to see.It is so small and you can see at the end of the page. You can also check booking reservation paper it is awesome and very clear with high point measure.It is important and it should be noticable. sometimes guest name and reservation owner can be different people, at that time we have some problem. It should be clear and understandable.

As I said personally I really like booking reservation page. So simple very clear and understandable for any type of people look the reservaiton paper.

3- Modified - Cancelled reservation.

It has been almost month but still could not get used to it. I see the reservation like it is a new but when you go inside it says it is modified. Sometimes it can modifed more than once that can confuse people. Instead of that on reservation section there can be like a sign to show that reservation is modified.

4- Anchorage,

I have been used another channel manager for Meddusa hotel. There is system like anchorage also on that system. But there is a little option makes to set prices much much more easy for us. Whenever you write something system adds it for all the room types you arranged BUT you also have option to change manually.

Sometimes especially in Turkey you must keep double room price low and family or triple rooms high like eids date this is public holidays and most of the guest's are family so demand is high but double room is low. If you arrange anchorage on woodoo you do not have any option to arrange the difference this can be a big problem and cause on lost for our revenue. I do not think it is a big technical requirements needs to be upgraded to give people more option to set price manually even you use anchorage.

For a positive feedbacks comparely to other channel managers I think woodoo has a very good engine that'is perfect I have not seen any update error or any problem for the engine so far. it works like charm the problem mostly because of options and interface and I belive that can be fixed and will make system works much more better.

Finally my recommendation woodoo should give more option to the customers. People should use the sytem according to their needs. I hope this helps and maybe we can work with our other hotels on wodoo together for the next time.

Warm Regards,
Hello Eser,

and many thanks for your message. This kind of feedbacks is what made WuBook a preferred partner for the most impotant players like booking.com, Expedia & TripAdvisor. We'd like to improve day after day. :D

Let's see if I can help you:
1. This feature is typical for a PMS, cause it is part of Hotel Management. Did you try our PMS Zak? Anyway, inside WuBook you have something similar and very helpful in here: https://wubook.net/bookings/search/

2. you are probably right. And you pick up the precise reason, aim to save private information. Maybe we can do something more user-friendly. I will ask tech department to re-think this part..it won't be as easy to do as it looks. I'll let you know.

3. here the suggestion is good, even if we might have to consider that a channel manager is a channel manager, not a PMS. But again, the suggestion is good and we take note to work on it as soon as possible. We are on other (more urgent) tasks right now. :(

4. the status colour is different! Isn't enough? Also when you access details, it shows you up the status and the situation of the reservation, eventually forwarding to the new one!

5. I do not agree this point on anchorage. I also feel anchorage, if you do active revenue and yield management, is something to avoid! Here the consideration is more "philosophical" cause there is a dicotomy: or you have flexibility, or you have automatization. You cannot have both. It can be also confusing to be able to anchor and then manually over-write the anchorage result.
If you do change prices often or very often, why do not you use the Sytar (update massive prices) with a very easy interface? It will be fast and easy. And as you said, no errors (or a few!!).

I really appreciate your feedbacks and it is very encouraging for us to improve this details and try to help you further on using WuBook.

I'll let you know for the points to develop and improve as soon as I can!

Hello Eser,

thank you so much for your kind, generous and detailed report, it's more than appreciated. I intervene on the post because I have other ideas than Daniele and I would like to add my considerations.

About reservation ordering: here, a PMS would seriously help. I understand you want to order reservations depending on the arrival date. But ordering *all* (not only the online ones) reservatoins is saner. WuBook is a marketing (to sell more and to sell better) tool. The management of the reservations of a property is something different. It includes invoicing, ordering, room cleaning, customer archive, documents and so on. Each property owner has his own needs. From always, we collect "management" requests to be inserted on WuBook. But WuBook is not the right frame to satisfy management needs. It's another thing. It's a channel manager, a booking engine, not a property management system. A very good solution would be to connect WuBook to your PMS (Daniele has quoted also Zak, our PMS). If you already use a PMS, let's speak with it to check if they're are available to, at least, implement the integration of the online reservations.

About Credit Cards: this is not the first time we're asked to simplify the printing of the reservation info and it's annotated!!

Now, a point where I disagree with Daniele: the modifications of the reservations will probably work like now forever. First of all, it allows to maintain an historical layer of the events. Then, it extremely simplify things from a technical point of view. Moreover, it's not so wrong. Due to the fact that a reservation can be drmatically modified (by changing dates and also rooms), it's not wrong in my opinion to "cancel" the previous document and to make a new one. Also for this point, a connection to the PMS would help, because it would allow to align the reservation management to your usual way.

About pricing anchorage: it could be an idea to improve things, allowing to "overwrite" rules (like pricing plans, where you have default prices and you can then modify your prices depneding on the periods). Sicnerily speaking: the request is not out of sense. It has sense. It has also disadvantages: it's not so easy to be implemented and it can in my opinion generate problems: the editing tools should be complexified to display when a price is derived or overwitten. We should introduce additional tools to remove the overwrite (to restore for these days the derivation). So, the UI will be more complex. And maybe it's not the case. Generally, breaking derivation rules means yield management: ie, I would change my prices for some dates because I want specific values for these dates. But, in that case, why don't we take into consideration special offers? Maybe they are a good tool to solve your needs. I can help you to evaluate the situation if you want.

Thanks again for your precious post!
Best regards from Fano
First of all I really appreciated your replies for the feedbacks.

About credit cards, modifying or deleting a reservation request all has a good explanation. Even anchorage is ok if it makes another complication for the system you can keep or change in the future.

But there is a part I am not really agree with you.

Channel managers are the systems provide all reservation information to the hoteliers. Of course you know this better than me :) If I want to see the reservations from specific agency I should see it and I can see it now there is no problem with that. If you put search option under reservation menu it means if people want they can see their all reservation for a specific date or specific agency. Because you have option for dates and agencies. So until now there is no problem with that. I want to use it on that way too.

When you search reservation it sorts all reservation according to their reservation date. I dont know who really needs it but I really want to see specific agenc's specific date range reservation. Why ?

We are working with hotelbeds. I dont know how it works with other countries but in Turkey they have agreement with Tantur. In their extranet you can only see reservation from today ( that's also not logical I guess ) Whenever you ask to see the older reservations they ask us contact or use channel manager to see.

We have to send all invoice to their address in Turkey to get some payment but we can not see old reservations too. Here on Wubook we can see there is no problem with that but we send in a queue so there should be a place to compare to prevent some mistake.

Channel manager is only place that you can see your reservation. I am working 3 different channel managers for our 5 different hotels. Honestly I liked wubook mostly but these kind of little details makes work more difficult.

All I want to have an option to see reservation that I had received according to their checkin date not reservation date.

Do you think it is something difficult to fix ?

Warm Regards,
Hi Eser,

I'm sorry for the delay of my response. I have annotated your request: let's check if in the next weeks/months we can satisfy it. But my opinion is that such requests must be collected from the PMS side of the job. Your need is right, it's correct: but each hotelier has its own needs from a management point of view and WuBook is not a Property Management System.

I would like to better understand how you work, so, please, let me formulate few questions: is the operation that you describe not possible on your PMS? Woulnd't be a better idea to fully control thiese aspects from the PMS itself?
It looks like after two years you got my point and updated channel manager according to the feedbacks that we had provided. Thanks for that.


today i see tabla style is totally changed. that's totally disliked from my side. Why ?

Because I have 4 property and sometimes I need to check sold rooms or available rooms while I was not in an office so tabla's old style was for me it was very easy to see sold rooms and to change rates as well but now everything is very complicated. When I try to go tabla colours and numbers are like mixed together. It is very difficult to see sold rooms. Plus I can't use wubook mobile application because as I said we have 4 property.

Personally, I want the old style as much as possible or any option to use new or old style.
Hello there

Thanks for sharing your thoughts but I really do not understand your point of view.
I attach a comparison of the Old version of Tabla (left side) with the new one (right side of the picture).


Differences are really not strong! No revolution in it. It seems really similar. We just changed some colors and some botton icon.. but no much more.

Could you be more specific please?
(02-29-2016, 10:16 PM)white Wrote: Hello there

Thanks for sharing your thoughts but I really do not understand your point of view.
I attach a comparison of the Old version of Tabla (left side) with the new one (right side of the picture).

Differences are really not strong! No revolution in it. It seems really similar. We just changed some colors and some botton icon.. but no much more.

Could you be more specific please?

Our properties has some limited rooms and it can be fully booked in a short time. Have some problems because of that.

That's why, when I am outside of the office I change price and availibility through my smart phone and after the tabla's change it looks like the attached file.

As I said for 4 property we have to make changes 10 times maybe during day and maybe 8 of them occured through the mobile devices and this change made so difficult for us to make.

Hello dear.

Have you tried the APP?


If you use the phone so often, then it deserves a download!
Let me know if this solve the problem..

(03-26-2016, 09:07 AM)white Wrote: Hello dear.

Have you tried the APP?


If you use the phone so often, then it deserves a download!
Let me know if this solve the problem..


Yes I had tried when it comes online for the first time. It is very good idea but not worked well for me. I have 4 property and I have to see all sold rooms for specific date. In application it is big problem to see sold rooms.

Sold numbers on tabla is like a lifesaver for me. I can directly see sold rooms and arrange price accordingly. I can directly see how many rooms sold on a specific date or I have a chance to see sold rooms after a new reservations. But on mobile app I have to choose property check the date and check all room types one by one to see it.

In old web - tabla sold rooms number was bold and black it was very clear to see your total sold rooms for a specific dates. Now the number is smaller and the see is very difficult you can be blind when you try to see it :)

Also the frames of tabla is also changed and it was become more difficult to check for me. I am not sure if anyone has same problem but old style was much more better. Or if I have any chance to use personally the old style of tabla I would choose it.

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