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New Statistics - Work in Progress
Dear all,

The new statistics system, as some of you have already noticed, is giving problems: we are aware of it and are already working to solve it asap. Should be back in order in a matter of hours.

We had to pour back all the old data. We thought that ten/twenty hours would be enough. Instead, it is now more than 40 hours that our servers process data and have yet to finish. The amount of information is huge.

At Present:

1) The latest visits are not currently tracked (but the information is not lost: it will simply appear until the work is finished)
2) In some structures, not even past visits are been shown (but will appear gradually, structure by structure)

This also produces imperfections on the Welcome Page, because, for example, the conversion percentages are calculated wrong (lack of information about visits).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,
Sales Representative @ WuBook
Web: en.wubook.net
Blog: en.wubook.net/blog/

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