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HostelWorld: XML connectivity ready to use
Dear wubookers,

as for the title of thi post, I am really happy to announce that we have released alreasy the XML connection to the channel HostelWorld. :D

Those of you that are using our ScreenScraping connection would probably know how much we were expecting it.. so now it is here, reality! Now there will be then a connection server to server instead of an automatized update from the website.

So, if you enter woodoo/hostelworld you will see then a paragraph at the top of the page, inviting you to switch into XML connectivity.

The connectivity activation has to be requested to the Account Manager of Hostelworld. Once you received the activation you just have to make the normal configuration (mapping rooms and rates). As always!

Last but not least: all the HostelWorld connectivities will now expire in 2 months starting from today. You would need to renew them (same as for the rest of XML connectivities).

We keep at disposal if you have doubts.


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