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Monitor: a great improvement
Hello to everybody.

During this hot summer our developpers do not stop (computers are really, really hot..) :P

So, we decided to add 2 important (and graphical) improvements to the interesting tool of Monitor (in Facility/monitor).

The first one is the chance to add a filter per roomtype, so that you can have resultas on all the actions made on a certain roomtype, instead of filtering for all roomtypes in a row. This will speed up any search on Overbooking cases or even a simple control on actions of a third party software.

Second feature is the that the zoon in Details will not open a new window but it will give all the relevant information on the same screen. This is particularly conforatble when keepig tack of the search one has configurated.

So, basically with these we hope you will have even more control on the software and on the actions done through it.

Best regards

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