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A new tool for the Booking.com connections
Dear WuBookers,

we know a lot of people are waiting for the new tool we are exposing here.
Until today, after the connection between Booking.com and the WooDoo account you had to manually manage the rooms availability in order to consider the reservations already entered through Booking.com (actually this operation is necessary for all connected OTAs).

From today a new tool is available on your Booking.com configuration page and it allows you to download and import all the reservations of Booking.com, created before the connection with WooDoo and having the check-in date in the future.

By importing these reservations you can prevent the original missing in case of modifications/delays on reservations.

The tool is especially useful for the properties where time has elapsed between the creation of a Booking.com account and its connection with WooDoo.

On the contrary, this tool is advise against customers have manually managed the rooms availability for the Booking.com reservations.

The new section "Download the future reservations" is now available on your Booking.com configuration page; we are sure you will appreciate all the benefits and the time saved thanks to this tool.


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